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High school girl returns as muscular warrior in ‘Halloween 2018’

High school girl returns as muscular warrior in ‘Halloween 2018’

Posted October. 29, 2018 07:37,   

Updated October. 29, 2018 07:37


The movie "Halloween," which will be released on Wednesday, is a sequel to the legendary horror movie produced by director John Carpenter. The original movie, which was released in 1978, was produced with a budget of 300,000 U.S. dollars to rake in whopping 70 million dollars in box office sales. The key to success of this movie, which achieved massive earnings for a small budget, lies in the brutality of the killer Michael, who shows no sympathy or logic. On the other hand, the new episode of the Halloween franchise, which has been produced 40 years later, is focused on Laurie’s trauma rather than Michael’s cruelty, completely switching the female protagonist who was passive in personality. Critics say that it suggests timely reinterpretation for the character in tune with the "era of Me Too."

Jamie Lee Curtis, who appeared in the original "Halloween" at age 20, reappears in the 2018 episode as protagonist at age 60. Laurie was the only survivor in the serial killing 40 years ago. Her memories of murders have caused him to shiver in fear throughout her life. Her home is armed with a myriad of safety equipment, and her armory is full of rifles and guns. Her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) was separated from the mother, because Karen was reported to authorities as suspected a child abuse case for receiving harsh training including shooting practice since young. Karen blames her mother for inheriting fear to her.

Laurie is not depicted as a brave character either. Rather, she is isolated from society and dependent on alcohol amid constant fear that Michael could make a comeback. While conventional horror movies blindly focus on the tension of murders, the new Halloween franchise attempts to showcase trauma from such an incident and its impact on the family.

What is more interesting is the formula of the past that has now been completely broken. In "Halloween 1978," her friends who disregarded babysitter’s role or spent time with a boyfriend, were killed, while Lorie, who is relatively innocent, became the only survivor. This formula was also used in various horror movies including "Scream" (1996). What is unique in the new "Halloween" is that Laurie is depicted as a strong character who does not avoid fear and chooses to tackle it head-on. Her obsession, which others considered peculiar, turns into a reality. While Michael’s doctor Loomis killed Michael in Halloween 1978, Laurie counters him on her own this time.

Bloom House has taken a rather bold action again as it insists on low-budget films, saying that “Large budget kills creativity” after displaying amazing imagination in the horror film "Get Out" featuring an African American protagonist.

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