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N. Korea criticizes President Park explicitly

Posted October. 07, 2013 08:41,   


Pyongyang explicitly criticized President Park Geun-hye mentioning her name for two days in a row.

The Committee for the Peaceful Unification of Korea, North Korea’s propaganda organization, said in a statement on Saturday, “If Park Geun-hye and her ring think reasonably, they should listen to our (North Korea’s) criticism and warnings and act discreetly.” The Committee mentioned the statement issued by North Korea’s Defense Committee on Friday and said, “It is a righteous criticism on the puppet regime driving the North-South relationship to a collapse and a deserved warning to correct the current situation.”

After the statement by North Korea’s Defense Committee on Friday, Seoul expressed regrets, saying, “It is an action without a basic manner.” In response, the Peaceful Unification Committee said, “The puppet regime should reflect on its own bad behavior before mentioning a manner or dignity.” It also said, “(President Park) should know how the other party is excited by what she chatters and what consequences it brings.” It also said on the 45th Korea-U.S. Security Consultative Meeting (SCM) on Wednesday, “They aim a preemptive nuclear strike at us. This is the truth of the Korean Trust-building Process which Park’s group repeats like chanting a prayer.”