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College students return to cram schools two months before CSAT

College students return to cram schools two months before CSAT

Posted September. 09, 2023 08:15,   

Updated September. 09, 2023 08:15


A student from a prestigious university in Seoul has boldly decided to take another shot at the 2024 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), also recognized as Suneung. The announcement came on the concluding day of applications on Friday. The aspiration to advance to a medical school or perhaps a higher-ranking institution has consistently been a part of A's academic vision, but distractions in the first semester hindered focused preparation for the CSAT. Yet, the recent September mock examinations conducted on last Wednesday served as a turning point, encouraging the college student to officially apply. "Only 69 days remaining until the CSAT, but there won’t be any extremely difficult questions in the test," he said. "I think it is worth taking the test if I start preparing now.”

As the curtains drew on the 2024 CSAT application window on Friday, it was evident that a substantial number of repeat test-takers, mirroring A's sentiments, had rallied to apply at the last minute. The college admission preparation analysts attribute this surge to the government's unequivocal message during the September preliminary exams, which hinted at the absence of 'killer questions' in this year's CSAT, fostering renewed confidence amongst candidates. Consequently, prominent cram schools are gearing up to launch their 'Final CSAT Completion Classes' in the coming week, promising to distill the essence of each subject based on the analysis of September's mock exam patterns and to hone students' real-test acumen through simulated exercises. "In spite of the looming CSAT, merely two months away, we are witnessing a surge in enrollments from college students resolute to venture into medical school, undeterred by the time constraints," a representative from the cram schools said,

In a related development, the admissions sector foresees a significant uptick in the percentage of repeat test-takers for this year's CSAT, projecting a climb to a notable 34.1%, a peak not witnessed since 1995. A report from Jongno Academy aligns with this prediction, estimating a candidate pool of 491,737 for this cycle's CSAT, with a significant fraction, approximately 34.1% or 167,527 individuals, expected to be repeat examinees.

Ye-Na Choi yena@donga.com