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Yoon, Biden, Kishida to meet in Camp David in August

Posted July. 21, 2023 08:09,   

Updated July. 21, 2023 08:09


A trilateral summit comprising President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea, Joe Biden of the United States of America, and Fumio Kishida of Japan is scheduled to convene at Camp David, the country retreat of the U.S. president, on August 18. This summit will mark the first occasion when the three leaders meet in a separate event, rather than in conjunction with a multilateral meeting.

The South Korean presidential office broke the news on Thursday, three months after the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, where President Joe Biden proposed the idea of a trilateral summit to President Yoon and Prime Minister Kishida.

The three leaders will meet at Camp David, situated in Maryland, approximately 100 kilometers away from the White House. A senior official at the presidential office underscored the importance of this location, as it signifies the leaders’ commitment to wholeheartedly focus on the summit’s agenda and foster a conducive environment for meaningful discussions.

During the summit, the three leaders are expected to prioritize discussions on countering North Korea’s nuclear threats and strengthening extended deterrence measures. Additionally, the agenda will encompass matters of trilateral cooperation in economic security, focusing on resolving the ongoing global supply chain crisis and maintaining a watchful eye on the actions of China and Russia.

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