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Changes presented by approaching autumn

Posted August. 27, 2022 07:32,   

Updated August. 27, 2022 07:32


Wind temperature changes after Ipchu (traditional beginning of autumn), and the smell of the wind changes after Cheoseo (traditional end to the summer heat). Humans, also classified as animals, can intuitively recognize these changes. The stickiness of summer has changed to coolness already, and a new season will be here soon.

Autumn is the best season to read poems. It's not only a good time to read, but also a good time to create. Autumn is the season of harvest and falling blossoms. It is a season of deepening and parting, and also the most contemplative and philosophical season. Accordingly, there are as many poems as the chrysanthemums that will soon be in full bloom, making it difficult to choose to read.

I read poems with my arms wide open to tell autumn to come soon. Gone is the sizzling summer that make us so dizzy that we forget where we are and where we are going. Gone is the summer that hurt a person next to you because we couldn't control our body and spirit well. We need to be clear-headed and be in order. We need to find depth and rise to occasion quietly. To that end, the poet also turned to nature. We will follow along the poet to greet the fall.

Tens of thousands of leaves, however, will soon fall. No matter how greedy, we cannot be free from the flow of time. We will part our ways and perish one day. When you think about it, your mind is in for a rude awakening. Autumn is asking: Who are we and what do we do now?