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Colonel Weber’s place to have nameplate of Korean War veteran  

Colonel Weber’s place to have nameplate of Korean War veteran  

Posted July. 23, 2022 07:33,   

Updated July. 23, 2022 07:33


South Korean Minister Park Min-shik of Patriots and Veterans Affairs will celebrate the completion of the Wall of Remembrance at the Korean War Veterans Memorial located in Washington, D.C. next Wednesday in a speech on behalf of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, according to the agency on Friday. The names of a total of 36,634 U.S. troops and 7,174 KATUSA members who were sacrificed during the Korean War have been engraved on this commemorative monument. As a symbolic establishment of the alliance between South Korea and the United States and, it will become the first of its kind to have names of South Korean war victims on it on U.S. territory.

This Sunday, Minister Park plans to visit the house of retired William Weber, a decorated Korean War veteran who passed away in April, to have a nameplate attached to identify his place as a decorated Korean War veteran’s. After receiving his personal belongings from his bereaved family, the minister will hand them over to the United Nations Peace Memorial Hall in Busan. Colonel Weber came under attack in a battle to lose his right arm and leg. Discharged from the military, he worked hard to raise awareness of the Korean War serving as the chairman of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation.

Next Monday, Minister Park will offer flowers at a monument at the National Museum of the United States Army in Virginia to commemorate the 8240th Army Unit, also known as the KLO Unit, which gathered intelligence on North Korea during the Korean War. Monica Choi, a daughter of company commander Choi Gyung-jin of the Korean Liaison Office, and other war veterans will attend the commemorative event, according to the ministry.

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