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A broken heart

Posted June. 10, 2022 08:04,   

Updated June. 10, 2022 08:04


The song of resentment toward my beloved who ceased to visit after saying good-bye. Your promise to come back has turned out to be a lie, but my heart burns so much that I can’t help denying the reality. Carrying the dear in my heart trying not to let go, a daybreak bell rings. It feels like you appeared in my dream for a while, but it was a painful time seeing you move away so fast. In a haze, I come up with a thought that a letter would find me a way. But why have I written down in such a haste, even without grinding an ink stick properly? Maybe because I have lost peace of mind due to my heart longing for you, or someone waiting to pass the letter to you hustled me.

The drapes in jade and blankets embroidered with lotus flowers are making the silence in the room more prominent. This token of our love given in the past when we were together makes me feel more apart from you. While looking for his angel who has left him, the scholar Yushin cried over a long distance to reach Mt. Bongrae where she lives. What should I do if the distance between us is ten thousand times longer than theirs?

This poem has a unique dreamlike atmosphere and metaphors of the poet Lee Sang-eun. The boundaries between dreams and realities, and past and present are blurred. Legendary characters and people in real life are mingling, and even the gender of the narrator has become vague.