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Jincheon puts up a welcome banner for Afghan evacuees

Posted August. 27, 2021 07:29,   

Updated August. 27, 2021 07:29


On Thursday morning, welcome banners were put up down the road to the state-run facility in Jincheon, a county in North Chungcheong Province, where Afghans who worked for Korea and their families will be housed in. On the banners were the Korean and Afghan national flags and the message, “We share your pain, and we support you and your family,” in Korean, English, and Arabic. These banners were put up by residents of Jincheon wishing to convey heartfelt condolences to Afghans who arrived at Jincheon through Incheon International Airport.

The Afghan evacuees who tested negative for COVID-19 will stay in the facility for about six weeks. Minister of Justice Park Beom-kye assured that “their identifications were strictly verified” and “four doctors, six nurses, and 40 ministry employees are currently stationed at the facility.”

The banners, however, are currently removed due to civil complaints filed at Deoksan-eup community center in the afternoon.

Jincheon County has established a situation room where officials are busy preparing to support the Afghan evacuees by making various arrangements such as COVID-19 prevention measures and procuring relief items.

Chungbuk National Citizenship Coalition released a statement, expressing gratitude to the government and residents of Jincheon for their generosity. “We hope to show a spirit of compassion and provide humanitarian support,” read the statement.

The government and Jincheon residents held a meeting Thursday for two and a half hours regarding the acceptance of the Afghan evacuees; the matter was put up for a vote, results of which were almost tied. Eventually, residents decided to accept Afghans in trust for the government.

“It is not exactly a welcome news, but there is no need to boycott it either. We hope these evacuees who must have gone through a lot to relax and feel relieved,” said Jincheon County Association Headmen Chair Yoo Jae-yoon.

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