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Kim Kwang-hyun could struggle after Molina’s departure

Kim Kwang-hyun could struggle after Molina’s departure

Posted December. 14, 2020 08:10,   

Updated December. 14, 2020 08:10


Kim Kwang-hyun (32) of the St. Louis Cardinals spent a successful season with three wins, one save, and an ERA of 1.62 in the first year of his Major League debut. But a local media outlet predicts that he will struggle next year.

Viva El Birdos, a community media outlet in St. Louis, predicted Sunday that the Cardinals would have difficulties in maintaining pitching performance. The outlet thus presents a negative outlook on the team’s pitcher lineup, because key players in its defense line, including catcher Yadier Molina and second baseman Kolten Wong, will become free agents. Those players have yet to identify their new teams, but there is a slim chance for them to return to the original team, the outlet said. Those players helped St. Louis pitchers be able to display better performance than usual.

Kim Kwang-hyun has a fielding independent pitching of 3.88, which is more than 2 points higher than his ERA of 1.62. If Kim does not benefit from his team’s robust defense after departure of Molina and others, he will come to see his ERA soar to hit 4.32, Viva El Birdos said. Kim also said once, “I was very fortunate that I had such a great catcher Molina.”

Regardless of Molina’s situation, Kim is expected to serve as one of the team’s starting pitchers. Another community outlet, St. Louis Post Dispatch, said, “St. Louis once excluded Kim Kwang-hyun (from its starting pitcher lineup) for Carlos Martines. It was a mistake. Kim is not a relief pitcher. He is a player who solidified his stature as a starter in South Korea.”

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