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Water drains at Seokchon Lake due to nearby construction work

Water drains at Seokchon Lake due to nearby construction work

Posted July. 21, 2015 00:33,   


Regarding the water drains at Seokchon Lake in southern Seoul, a study suggests that the constructions of Lotte World II and Subway No. 9 are the main culprit.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced Monday that it came to a preliminary conclusion based on the study by Korea Rural Community Corporation, which was commissioned to search into the reasons of lowering water levels at Seokchon Lake. Seoul City said Lotte World II construction affected the first water drainage in 2013, and later the Subway No. 9 construction nearby Jamshil affected the second drainage. Lotte Corporation made order for the construction of Lotte World II, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government for Subway No. 9.

Such an outcome shows difference from Lotte’s claims that the declining water levels are due to the Seoul City’s subway construction work. In March this year, Lotte Engineering & Construction reported to Songpa District that the Subway No. 9 construction was the main culprit to water drainage.

An official at the Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “The outcomes of Seoul City and Lotte can be different based on when the survey was conducted and how it is interpreted,” but added, “We will hold those responsible accountable based on the study outcome.”