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Audrey Hepburn’s son to create forest memorial for Sewol ferry victims

Audrey Hepburn’s son to create forest memorial for Sewol ferry victims

Posted April. 13, 2015 07:11,   


American actress Mia Farrow is beautiful, both in reality and on the SNS. She is busy on the network spreading news about armed conflicts in Africa and Middle East, and helping refugees who lost their homes in the wars. The 70-year-old actress goes to the war-ravaged countries, such as Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to help and console refugees. Last week, Farrow twitted posts about refugees fleeing from the fighting between Free Syria Army militias and ISIS and called for attention to them. Farrow and other 29 celebrities are now supporting the new campaign called "Action/2015," which urges summits of the world to take an action to reduce the poverty-stricken population by half.

Audrey Hepburn also actively participated in relief activities around the world. Hepburn passed away in 1993, but she is still remembered as a Hollywood icon in the movies of "Roman Holiday" and "Breakfast at Tiffany`s." Hepburn’s sons have reached out to the bereaved families of the Sewol ferry disaster, just as their mother did to the poor around the world during her lifetime. The oldest son Sean revealed a plan on Friday in Seoul to create a memorial forest to remember the Sewol ferry to comfort broken hearts of the bereaved families. The memorial park will be created at the Mugunghwa hill in Jindo County of South Jeolla Province, 4,16 kilometers away from the Paengmok port.

The memorial forest created by the Hepburn family and local residents in Jindo will give great consolation to the bereaved families as it marks the first anniversary of the tragedy on Thursday. “Rather than sending flowers that will wither to the bereaved families, we’d like to present forest that can last with the nature,” said Sean. An exhibition, named "Beauty Beyond Beauty," focusing on Hepburn’s life as an actress and as an UNICEF ambassador to help the poor, was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul from last November to March.

On the Christmas day right before Hepburn passed away, she read Sam Levenson’s poem "Time Tested Beauty Tips" to her families like her last words. Many netizens quote this poem to make commitment to share compassion in this heartless world. "Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you`ll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others."