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Choi Gets Another Chance at a World Boxing Championship.

Choi Gets Another Chance at a World Boxing Championship.

Posted December. 12, 2007 03:03,   


“You don’t box with your mouth. I will prove how great Korean boxing can be.”

Choi Yeo-sam (34) has been touted as one of the toughest boxers in Korea. Come Christmas, in a special ring set up in the Gwangjin Gumin Center, he will defend his crown against Heri Amol (23) from Indonesia for this WBO Intercontinental flyweight championship.

The intercontinental championship title is the second most prestigious title in its class next to the world championship title.

If Choi wins this match, he will take on World Champion Omar Andreas Nervas (33) of Argentina on April 2008. This will be Choi’s 4th attempt at a world title.

Choi won the WBC light flyweight championship title in 1999, but lost his fourth title defense in 2004. Despite rumors of retirement, he is still standing tall. In 2003 he fought for the WBA Junior flyweight championship, and in 2004 he got back on his feet to fight for the WBA flyweight title. Both attempts were unsuccessful.

For his upcoming match, Choi underwent a rigorous 3-week training regimen in Vietnam. Choi’s manager said, “A lot of boxers these days are switching to MMA. But I promise you that MMA is just a flash in the pan. It’s only a matter of time until the current popularity of MMA fades. Boxing may not be as popular as it used to be, but it has a 100-year history behind it. Boxing will regain its popularity.”

Choi has a record of 31 wins (19 KOs) and 5 losses. Heri Amol has 22 wins (7 TKO), 3 draws and 7 losses. Choi’s ultimate challenge, Nervas, is undefeated with 25 wins (16 KOs) and 2 draws.