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Lawmakers Form Group for Dr. Hwang

Posted December. 06, 2005 06:47,   


Lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties have formed a lawmakers’ collective for protecting Dr. Hwang Woo-suk, and will have their first meeting on December 6.

Up until now, upwards of 30 lawmakers, including Kim Hyuk-kyu, an Uri Party member, Kim Hyeong-oh from the Grand National Party, and some female lawmakers who have taken part in the civic campaign for ova donation have pledged to join the collective. As the news of the group has been announced, an increasing number of assemblymen are hoping to join in.

Lawmaker Kwon Seon-taik of the Uri Party, who leads the group, said yesterday, “The National Assembly will spare no effort to ensure that Hwang can focus solely on research and experiments.”

Rep. Kwon pointed out, “The recent controversy over problems regarding Dr. Hwang’s research has been created in part because thus far he has had to juggle his research and promotions, lectures, and public relations works.”

Kwon noted that once Hwang returns to his lab, the lawmakers’ collective for protecting Dr. Hwang Woo-suk would invite Hwang to the gathering to identify difficulties and problems he has in the research process, and devise support measures.

Kwon also said that Hwang, during a talk on the phone on December 3, unburdened himself to Kwon, who went to the same high school with the scientist, saying, “I felt that my pride was wounded very much as some media organizations were verifying my science. I will return to my lab soon.”

Kwon added, “Dr. Hwang is having no problem with accepting the criticism against the ethical aspects of his research, but says he cannot put up with the ongoing controversy over the authenticity of his research results,” said Kwon, adding that Hwang was angered by some media outlets’ seemingly unfounded accusations against the authenticity of his scientific achievements.