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Real-Life “Marathon” Man Will Run in Cheonggyecheon Event

Real-Life “Marathon” Man Will Run in Cheonggyecheon Event

Posted October. 01, 2005 07:43,   


The real-life character from the movie “Marathon,” will run along the restored Cheonggyecheon stream.

Bae Hyung-jin (23), the real-life hero of the movie “Marathon,” will run a 10 km course with his mother, Park Mi-gyung (46), and the director of the movie, Jeong Yun-cheol (34), in the third Hi-Seoul Cheonggyecheon-Han River Marathon. The marathon will be held on October 2 and is sponsored by the city of Seoul and supported by Dong-A Ilbo. He will be joined by four other developmentally retarded marathoners and 10 experts on development disorders.

Bae is the real hero of the movie “Marathon” which took the nation by storm, drawing more than five million moviegoers nationwide earlier this year. He overcame his disability with a strong will and strenuous efforts and ran the full course at 2001 Chuncheon Marathon. Furthermore, he became the youngest athlete to run the full course at the Triathlon. He has been pushing his limits continuously. This will be the first time he has run with his mother and director Jeong.

This is also the first marathon for his mother. She said, “It is very touching to see the Cheonggyecheon stream restored again as one of Seoul citizens. And it is even more exciting to run with my son on this significant day.”

In fact, the autistic marathoner was burned out, due to never-ending interviews and events that needed him. He even had to take a break from the musical instrument assembly factory where he had been working for two years. But now he feels refreshed, just like the newly restored Cheonggyecheon stream. He went back to his work and practices again. These days, he runs one hour and swims one hour everyday.

Park said “My son enjoys running with people he loves,” adding, “I hope that this event will raise awareness about the developmentally retarded.”

Jae-Yun Jung jaeyuna@donga.com