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Japanese Press Reports Facts Without Opinions

Posted January. 20, 2005 22:42,   


The Japanese press reported the story of publicising diplomatic files about Moon Sae-gwang by stressing the fact that the Korean government, criticising the Japanese government’s lukewarm, confrontational response about Chochongryeon, has thought about ending the relationship with Japan.

Without any opinion, they just reported facts related to this case.

A Tokyo newspaper pointed out that there are still mysteries to be solved, saying, “The Korean government concluded that North Korea and Chochongryeon participated in this case. However, Japanese investigation authorities replied that it is hard to prove.”

The Japanese government also did not show any special reaction, but avoided the implication that the confrontation was the fault of Japan.

Hosoda Hiroyuki, in response to the critical comment of the Korean government that if Japan did something about Chochongryeon, there would have been no murder, said, “I do not know anything about it. I will analyse to see if it has happened.” On the other hand, Suh Syeong, the man named in the publicised file, “The Korean-Japanese Suh Syeong and Suh Jun-sik spy cases,” and a law school professor of Litzmaekan University said, “I really feel that Korea has democratised and that the world has changed. On top of Korean file publicising, Japan also has to publicise diplomatic files and the record of Japanese occupation to overcome the past and to open a new East Asian era.”

Won-Jae Park parkwj@donga.com