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The advancement of drones and weapons

Posted January. 17, 2023 07:47,   

Updated January. 17, 2023 07:47


Something that everyone was anticipating to come but didn't want to think about or acknowledge is happening in Ukraine War: the rise of drones. Attacking an enemy with unmanned bombers has already been experimented with during World War II. The method was to remotely control bombers loaded with bombs and detonate them on target. The V1 and V2 rockets, which are considered the predecessors of missiles, also started from the concept of unmanned bombers, but their development direction changed to missiles and guided weapons.

The reappearance of drones has to do with advances in miniaturization and robot technology. Currently, small-scale drones such as suicide drones and killer drones are active in combat, but due to their small size, they are limited in firepower and use. With advances in autonomous driving and robot technology, drones may evolve into murder weapons, as seen in the movie 'RoboCop.' There is a 100% chance of drones becoming combat robots equipped with various weapons that can attack and defend independently under their judgment without any human remote control intervention."

When we talk about this topic, people may argue that 'is it ethically justifiable for robots to kill humans?', 'what will happen if machine malfunction kills humans?' or 'because of this, combat robots will not appear.'

The argument that we should res weapons has existed since the first gun and the first cannon, but it has never been our reality. Innovative weapons systems are actually terrible weapons systems. That's why, when a new and frightening weapons system appears, the public opinion that it must be restricted emerges, to no avail.

I also think that it is not desirable to make so many advances in weapons and killing technology. However, restricting weapon development does not stop wars. Humanity has made various efforts to prevent war for a long time, but none of them were successful. There is no perfect way to prevent war. Approaching this issue emotionally is nothing but a way to escape reality. The most effective method, whether with weapons or tactics, is to acknowledge humans’ brutal instinct and irrationality and deal with it cool-headedly and realistically without emotion.