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New attendant who closely serves Kim garners attention

Posted September. 13, 2022 08:07,   

Updated September. 13, 2022 08:07


A new attendant who serves North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is getting attention. The female attendant closely served Kim at the Sept. 9 event to celebrate the establishment of the North Korean government, which was held on Thursday. She is a different figure from the attendant who was caught on camera serving Kim at a public event in April.

According to Korean Central Television and other North Korean media, a female attendant served the North Korean leader at an event to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the establishment of the North Korean government, which was held near Mansudae in Pyongyang on Thursday. The female who had half updo and wore a black suit and glasses served Kim, handling his flower bouquet, etc. The attendant also served Kim during his 7th administrative policy speech of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly on the same day. She was caught following Kim while holding his briefcase and documents when the North Korean leader was entering the meeting hall. Hyon Song Wol, the Deputy Department Director of the Workers' Party of Korea, who used to serve this role, stood at the hall entrance and watched the new attendant.

New attendants serving Kim at public events caught attention recently. Another short-haired female appeared at the congress of elementary party secretaries on Feb. 26 and a completion ceremony for Songshin and Songwha streets in Pyongyang in March. They may be performing all or part of the roles of an assistant secretary, which used to be performed by Deputy Department Directors of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Yo Jong and Hyon Song Wol. The South Korean government is working on identifying them.

Meanwhile, Premier of North Korea Kim Tok Hun, who oversees the country’s economy, seems to have gained stature. As the country’s leader pays close attention to North Korean people’s food, clothing, and shelter issues, Kim Tok Hun’s role has grown. As his name was mentioned first among the members of a standing committee of the Political Bureau at recent public events, including a meeting for unification to prevent disasters and a congress of veterans, some say that he has solidified his status as the country’s second-in-command.

Ji-Sun Choi aurinko@donga.com