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Hyundai Mobis develops wheels that can rotate 90 degrees

Hyundai Mobis develops wheels that can rotate 90 degrees

Posted October. 25, 2021 07:22,   

Updated October. 25, 2021 07:22


Hyundai Mobis has developed technology that enables 90 degrees rotation on wheels and helps cars can move sideways and rotate on where it stands.

According to the company, it succeeded in making an e-corner module that combines four systems: steering, braking, suspension drive into a wheel. The module enables the concept that the company unveiled at the 2019 CES exhibition on an actual car. The technology, titled Electronic Control Unit, has been developed and assessed for functionality.

The radius of car wheel rotation is around 30 degrees for current cars, but the e-corner module can rotate up to 90 degrees. This means that wheels can move sideways and spin without relocating, making driving easier on narrow roads. “The technology is vital to target-based moving transportation means, and we will apply this technology on production for global vehicle models,” said Hyundai Mobis.  

Once the e-corner module is applied, it will no longer require mechanical connection from the driving wheel to the car wheel. This allows easier change in wheelbase and free up designing discretion for door size and direction.

Gun-Huk Lee gun@donga.com