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‘With Corona’ system likely to be introduced on Nov. 9

‘With Corona’ system likely to be introduced on Nov. 9

Posted October. 08, 2021 07:33,   

Updated October. 08, 2021 07:33


The South Korean government predicted that the so-called ‘With Corona’ system, or the gradual recovery of normal daily life, would begin on November 9. This is the first time that the government has made a prediction for a specific date to start the system.

To Kang Gi-yun, a member of the People Power Party, asking when the gradual recovery of normal daily life is possible at the National Assembly audit of the Health & Welfare Committee held on Thursday, Jeong Eun-kyeong, the first commissioner of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, said it might begin on November 9 based on the prediction that 70 percent of all South Koreans would complete vaccination by October 25. November 9 is the date in consideration of a two-week period, which is needed for sufficient immunity to be built up after two doses of vaccination (one dose in the case of Janssen).

As of 12 a.m. on Thursday, the total number of people who have completed vaccination is 28.50 million. To achieve a vaccination rate of 70 percent, about 7.5 million should receive the second dose.

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