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Snow in June

Posted June. 05, 2021 07:08,   

Updated June. 05, 2021 07:08


It would be a pity to not read this poem in June. “Snow in June” is both the title of the poem and the name of a flowering plant. Its name came from white flowers blooming on its branches like snow in hot summer. Snow in the middle of summer evokes a strange image like Christmas in Australia. This mysterious yet beautiful phrase “snow in June” is also very poetic. Comparing flowers to snow and the desire to see something that cannot be seen in hot summer are both in line with poems. Poets are the people who look for snowflakes on their minds even under hot summer’s sun or the people who wander to find something that is unfindable and return with something in their heart unknown to others. How about the poet who wrote “Snow in June”? Where are the white flowers she carries in her heart? Read the poem with this in your mind, and the flower will soon blossom in your heart.

Flowers blossom to reveal their beauty. So, snow in June becomes laughter. If flowers are snow, they will melt away under a blazing sun. So, snow in June becomes wailing. Flowers that can become both laughter and snow resemble futile life and painful days. A life for laughter always ends up with a cry. Life is about feeling bitter and sad and wanting to cry yet desperately trying to bloom again like flowers.

People hold a different season in their hearts for the same month. Tears shed below radiant sunshine are more heartbreaking. There are some cold and bitter days in June.