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Month of May

Posted May. 29, 2021 07:05,   

Updated May. 29, 2021 07:05


May is the month of leafy trees getting deep green, which many of us find it pleasant to enjoy. Here is a surprisingly fresh view of greenness. A poet provides a new perspective into what the green means by describing green leaves as pale lips because getting greener is seen as getting strongly tougher. It applies to all leaves going through the month of May. Likewise, the same goes with every one of us weathering the world we are living in. Not only successful winners but also those in pursuit of success and losers get strongly tougher over time. It may be an obsolete go-to phrase that you should get tougher to make it. Nowadays, you may have to get stronger to survive. Being relentless strong is not a recipe for success but a precondition for merely being existent, which sends chills down my spine. This poetry may be one of the most scarily chilliest pieces that illustrate what May is like.

Perusing halfway through the poetry, you may get astounded by the poet’s solitary doggedness that is opposed to everyone else’s. The poet may say, “I choose not to get stinking stronger whereas everyone else doesn’t. All other people out there get firmer but I direct myself onto another path.” The dogged firmness in the poet’s mind gives you a chance to look back at how palely your ego dries.

May is giving way to June. The venomous doggedness in our mind needs to be watered down before it burns us down. Poetry sometimes gives a cure to us.