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KCCI’s Sandbox gives the green light to three technologies

KCCI’s Sandbox gives the green light to three technologies

Posted May. 27, 2021 07:27,   

Updated May. 27, 2021 07:27


The Sandbox support center set up by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and the Ministry of Science and ICT held a Sandbox deliberation committee on Wednesday and gave the green light to three cases including three-dimensional (3D) precision map for autonomous driving mobility services, virtual reality (VR)-based aircraft maintenance program, and artificial intelligence (AI) pet identification services. Sandbox is a system that exempts companies from regulations or suspend regulations in order to promote the release of innovative products and services.

The 3D precision map approved on Wednesday is the 3D spatial information and the core technology of autonomous driving that enables autonomous vehicles to recognize the road and traffic environment. Under the national spatial information security regulations, the disclosure of spatial information containing 3D coordinates has been limited, making it impossible to distribute or sell 3D precision maps.

The committee also gave a go-ahead for VR-based aircraft maintenance training. According to the enforcement regulations of the Aviation Safety Act, aircraft maintenance training was only allowed with three actual aircrafts. The deliberation committee said training on the latest aircraft models will become easier with VR technology.

Also approved on Wednesday was pet identification service using AI facial recognition technology. Under the current animal protection act, registration of companion animals has only been allowed through internal and external wireless identification devices. From now on, AI will make animal registration easier by recognizing the face of an animal in a photo taken by a smartphone.

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