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Presidential pets to return to the White House

Posted November. 10, 2020 07:37,   

Updated November. 10, 2020 07:37


U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will bring two German shepherds, Champ and Major, to the White House in January next year. Although most U.S. presidents had presidential pets since former President Warren Harding in the early 20th century, President Trump did not have one for reasons such as mysophobia.

According to the New York Times on Sunday, “Major” will be the second rescue dog in the White House. Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden found him at a shelter in Delaware where they lived and fostered the dog in 2018 before the presidential-elect adopted him. Major was left at the shelter after being exposed to toxins as his previous owner could not afford medical treatment.

The first adopted presidential pet was President Lyndon Johnson’s terrier mix dog, “Yuki.” Yuki was found by his daughter, Luci, at a Texas gas station and was called the “singing dog” for his joyful personality.

Biden uploaded an Instagram post last month during the campaign that said “Major” kept him going. “Red state or Blue state, we all can agree on the power of dogs,” his website said. “It’s time we had a dog-lover back in the White House.” Some of his supporters also used a slogan that called for bringing dogs to the White House.

Se-Hyung Lee turtle@donga.com