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TV dramas in the new season focus on women’s stories

Posted October. 08, 2020 08:00,   

Updated October. 08, 2020 08:00


A series of TV dramas depicting the conflicts and solidarity of female characters will air for the season. “Penthouse,” an SBS drama which will air from Oct. 26, depicts the lifestyle of women in power and of wealth living in a 100th floor penthouse. The stories of Shim Su-ryun (played by Lee Jia) and Cheon Seo-jin (Lee So-yeon) who were born into wealthy families and Oh Yoon-hee (Eugene), who grew up in a modest household but has ambitions to climb the social daughter for the sake of her daughter.  

“Postpartum Care Center,” which starts on November 11 on TvN, is based on the friendship of female characters based on the subject of giving birth. Um Ji-won plays the role of Hyun-jin, who is the youngest executive at the company she works for but the oldest of the newborn moms, meets and befriends ‘Newborn mom leader’ Cho Eun-jeong (played by Park Ha-sun) and Hye-suk (played by Jang Hye-jin) who owns the postpartum care center.  

The background of the dramas will maximize the tension and conflicts between the characters. Herapalace, a 100-story penthouse located in affluent Gangnam, will be the location for Yoon-hee and the high society women. Postpartum care centers are locations where newborn moms share a special experience. “It is a place likened to a ‘Mom training center’ where women from all different walks of life eat and sleep together as moms. Women encounter a whole new different world of motherhood where things you are naturally expected to do as a mom are not easy to learn at all.” said producer Park Su-won.

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