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I forgive you

Posted September. 02, 2020 07:36,   

Updated September. 02, 2020 07:36


“I have decided to forgive you,” said a mother to the man who killed her son. “I do not have hate, I do not have revenge.” How can she forgive a killer who gunned down her son who was praying at a mosque for being Muslim?

The last one year and a half has been a nightmare for her. After finding out her son was killed, she waited for his body to be sent home to give him the final hug and kiss. She received his body six days later on March 21, but she had to face something she did not expect. His body was bullet-riddled with his head and body ripped apart. She could not hug or kiss him goodbye.

It could not get worse than this because it was her birthday and Mother’s Day in the Middle East - the day when her son bought her flowers every year to make her happy, but he was gone. Her heart broke. She would not have her son to celebrate it together with her.

Nevertheless, she forgave the gunman a year and a half later. “I forgive you,” she said in court to the white terrorist in his twenties who would be sentenced to life in prison. “The damage is done. Hussein will never be here,” she said., “I have only one choice: to forgive you.” The gunman must have a mother, too.

Her son was one of the 51 victims killed by the white supremacist at a mosque in Christchurch on March 15, 2019. She did not forgive him as a bereaved family member. She forgave him as the mother who gave birth to her son. She did it as a mother a piece of whom died when her son died. She showed what ultimate forgiveness is by forgiving someone who can never be forgiven and that Islam is a faith of amazing forgiveness and peace.