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Horse armor exhibition takes place in Gyeongju Museum

Posted June. 12, 2020 07:48,   

Updated June. 12, 2020 07:48


An exhibition is taking place where a total 18 pieces of horse armors from the ancient kingdoms of Silla, Gaya, and Baekje are presented. Gyeongju National Museum and the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage are jointly holding a special exhibition titled “The Horse Wears Armor” at Gyeongju Museum through Aug. 23.

While the horse armors of Silla, Gaya, and Baekje have been excavated numerous times across the country, it is hard to find one that is preserved intact. In 2009, a full-shape set of armor was found at Jjoksaemjigu of Gyeongju, and the preservation treatment alone took 10 years. The real artifacts will be displayed along with replicas. The exhibition will also present the Gaya horse armor that was found in 1992 in full shape at Magapchong in Haman County, South Gyeongsang Province. This is the first time that the horse helmet from Magapchong is being showcased at an exhibition in tandem with the full sets of armors for left and right. These artifacts have recently been designated as national treasure.

The first horse armor found in Korea in 1934 at Hwangnam-dong and the armor unearthed from Gyerimro No.1 ancient tomb in 1973 will also come to light for the first time. Other pieces found in Busan, Gimhae, and Hapcheon will be showcased as well. The first lacquered leather helmet and armors found from Gongsanseong of Gongju, a former territory of Baekje, will be presented, too.

Online bookings are available at gyeongju.museum.go.kr to contain the spread of COVID-19, but a maximum 300 visitors are additionally allowed a day. The number of visitors allowed per hour will be also controlled.

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