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Trump makes a dramatic entrance at ‘Daytona 500’ in Florida

Trump makes a dramatic entrance at ‘Daytona 500’ in Florida

Posted February. 18, 2020 08:43,   

Updated February. 18, 2020 08:43


U.S. President Donald Trump appeared at the car race “Daytona 500” in Daytona, Florida, the United States on Sunday, becoming the second-ever president to attend the event, a move to show off the level of support he receives in the biggest swing state in the country.

President Trump made a dramatic entrance in his presidential limousine “The Beast.” After taking a lap around the race track in his limo, he officially opened “Daytona 500,” to which the audience of about 150,000 responded chanting “USA.”

CNN quoted people associated with the event as saying that It's starting to feel more like a race is breaking out at a Trump rally. Dubbed the “Super Bowl in auto racing,” NASCAR’s “Daytona 500” is popular among conservatives. USA Today said there were also flags with the president’s slogan “Make America great again.”

Meanwhile, with no clear front runner in the Democrat Primary, Michael Bloomberg has come under fire for sexist and racist remarks he allegedly made in the past. He has become a target partly due to the rumors that he is considering former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a possible vice presidential running mate.

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said that racism and sexism displayed by a presidential candidate should no longer be condoned. Speaking at an event in Las Vegas, San. Bernie Sanders also criticized the former New York mayor for splurging on political advertising instead of providing explanation. “He just can't hide behind the airwaves,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota in her CNN interview, pressuring Bloomberg by saying, “I think he should be on that debate stage.”

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