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Samsung unveils Grande AI washer and dryer in Seoul

Posted January. 30, 2020 08:03,   

Updated January. 30, 2020 08:03


Samsung Electronics on Wednesday launched Samsung Grande AI washing machines and dryers, which reflect consumers’ lifestyles to make washing and drying easier. Samsung Electronics had a media day on Wednesday to unveil its Grande AI at its Project Prism showroom at the Samsung Digital Plaza store in southern Seoul.

Samsung’s “smart” Grande AI recommends customized washing and drying cycles to consumers by remembering frequently used features. It not only detects the weight of the laundry load but automatically adjusts rinse time and the amount of detergent by determining the level of soiling through sensors. The new model also has an “all-in-one control” feature, which enables consumers to control their dryer using the control panel of their washing machine.

The new Grande AI also boasts improved hygiene and eco-friendliness features. Thanks to the newly applied “three-free technology,” Grande AI washers and dryers are free from rust, dust, and water residue. “The new Grande AI washer is an eco-friendly product in that it minimizes the use of detergent with its automatic detergent dispenser and uses less water by detecting the weight of the laundry load,” said Lee Jae-seung, head of the consumer electronics division at Samsung Electronics. The new dryer is equipped with the largest capacity compressor and heat exchanger to offer quick drying. It only takes 36 minutes to wash and dry a shirt using the Grande AI washer and dryer.

Samsung Electronics aims to solidify its No.1 position in the domestic washer and dryer market with its Grande AI.

Dong-Il Seo dong@donga.com