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Moss roses

Posted June. 02, 2018 07:49,   

Updated June. 02, 2018 07:49


If you visit a large bookstore, what greet you first are fancy books displayed at the front row. But this reporter prefers books that constantly remain out of the spotlight, slowly getting old covered with dust, to those books rising to stardom. It is not only books but things in our daily lives, people and even plants that remain silent and go unnoticed. Yet, though not recognized by many people, everything that takes up a part in the world, however small, is precious. If there is a last area that pays attention to and cares about these small, precious things, it would be a “poem.” Something that exists but seems to be not existing. Things that seem to be not important, but clearly matter. Such things have been and will continue to be the topic of poems, and poet Song Chan-ho is one of the poets who enjoys writing poems about these things.

Poem “Rose moss” explains why this reporter still reads poems though they are no longer popular. Rose mosses are tiny and little. The poet stops on a street and squats down in front of rose mosses to look at them. He takes a closer look at the common flowers in awe, as if they are of special kind, and even reads meaning into them. Thus, in the eyes of the poet, rose mosses are reborn as the country of little people. Broken pieces of a mirror, cats’ whiskers and pigeon poops are used to decorate and commemorate the little country, and make up the country’s history and uniqueness. The poet portrays a marvelous universe comprised of small things. No matter how small things are, there is not a single thing that does not deserve any respect.