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CVS is no longer an expensive store

Posted January. 31, 2015 07:28,   


People have long believed that convenience stores (CVS) are expensive places that provide no price discount. That is not always the case and you can buy products even at a lower price from CVS, whose prices are equivalent to that of big retailers if you are a smart consumer who takes advantage of various discount opportunities.

The easiest way for being an “expert CVS user” is to capitalize on freebie promotion such as “Buy one, get one free” or “Buy two, get one free.” In general, CVSs do a special freebie promotion for 300-600 products every month. Products with “buy one, get one free” marketing sell at a half price and those with “buy two, get one free” event at a 33 percent lower price. As an increasing number of single household and newly-married couples are buying daily necessities at CVSs in their neighborhood rather than going to large hypermarkets, product range with price cut is getting broader from beverage and snacks to shampoo and toothpaste.

Consumers with partnership cards of mobile carriers that provide double discount can enjoy even higher price cut. At CU and MINISTOP, SK Telecom users can buy things at 10-15 percent cheaper prices while KT users can have the benefit of 15 percent lower prices at GS25, 7-ELEVEN, BuyTheWay and MINISTOP. LG U+ users can reap the benefits of 15 percent price reduction at GS25. On top of this, you can be even wiser consumers by having membership cards of your frequent CVS that saves 1-3 percent of your purchasing price into your account.

Downloading a CVS application into your smartphone will swing open the door for additional benefits. GS25’s mobile app. “My own fridge” allows its buyers to store refrigerated grocery products in a virtual storehouse that they received as free gifts. When you unexpectedly purchase “Buy one, get one free” product, you can take home just a single product, leaving the other at a virtual place, which you can take it anytime you want. In the case of CU, instant discount coupons automatically pop up on your smartphone screen 3-5 seconds after you step inside the door.

Another way to become a wiser CVS user is to use “Event Day” events. For instance, CU holds “Beer Day,” “Wine Day” and “Noodle Day” on which its consumers buy those promotion products at a maximum of half price. Since 2010, 7-ELEVEN has continuously cut down four times the price of popular products such as “Shin Ramyeon”, “Chamisul Soju” and “Hite Beer,” selling them at an equivalent price with large retails.