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Flutist Bezaly participates in Great Mountains Music Festival

Flutist Bezaly participates in Great Mountains Music Festival

Posted July. 29, 2014 14:15,   


“I am visiting Daegwal-ryeong because I could not forget Korean fans’ warmth and enthusiastic response.”

Sharon Bezaly, 43, a flutist The Times of England called “flutist bestowed by God,” came to the Great Mountains Music Festival. After her first concert in Korea in 2004, he has maintained relationship with this country through joint performance with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra in 2010. It is the first time that she has taken part in themusic festival.

Bezaly performed flute sonata by Erwin Schulhoff jointly with Pianist Kim Da-sol at Alpensia Concert Hall in Gangwon on Friday, where he charmed the eyes and ears of audience members through her signature ‘circulatory breathing.’ Circulatory breathing skill, which he learned from flutist Aurel Nicolet, 88, is an amazing technique that enables her to continue playing by inhaling via one side while exhaling on the other. Using this technique, one can freely perform as if playing string instrument.

When meeting with The Dong-A Ilbo on Saturday, Bezaly said of his unique breathing technique, “From a performer’s perspective, it is advantageous because there is no need to worry about shortness of breath.” He added, “Some audience members feel awkward due to loud sound of my breathing,” adding, “As I breathe in and out simultaneously unlike other performers, I get relatively noisy when breathing. I tend to enjoy breathing as well, considering it another form of music.”

Bezaly is widely known as a ‘muse’ who is representative for composers of leading contemporary music. Famed composers, including Sofia Gubaidulina and KaleviAho, are dedicating their work to the flutist, who is highly skilled in contemporary music as well as classical repertoires. As many as 20 concertos in total have been dedicated to her. Bezaly said, “Classical music composers including Beethoven composed many songs by communicating with performers,” adding, “I am a truly lucky person as I have become a muse of creative work for composers of contemporary music.”

He is one of the best flutists in the world, but has the charm of rather modest character. After finishing her first performance at the festival on Friday, he visited the lobby during intermission between the first and second parts. Recognizing the great performer, fans asked him for his signature en masse, and Bezaly took photos with fans as if she is enjoying the moment, making V-sign with hands. “I consider communications with fans as important as performing onstage,” he said. “I often go out to the lobby during intermission and meet with fans.”

Bezaly will perform at two additional events of the Distinguished Artist Series at the Great Mountains Music Festival on August 1 and 2. “I will waste no time to visit Korea if I can communicate with Korean fans. They give special feeling every time.”