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Experts survey on President Park`s 100 days

Posted June. 03, 2013 02:22,   


Experts gave an "average" score to national affairs management capability of President Park Geun-hye who marks her 100th day in office Tuesday. Yet a better than average score was given to her future national affairs management, which means that people still have expectations for Park.

The Dong-A Ilbo and its cable channel Channel A conducted a survey on President Park`s 100 days in office Sunday. Participants for the survey included 50 experts including 20 each in political leadership and economic sectors and 10 in foreign policy and security. On the president`s current national affairs management ability, 3.3 was given out of five. On whether Park will steer national affairs well in the future, a higher score of 3.7 was given.

Personnel management scored the lowest. Twenty political leadership experts gave an average 2 score on Park`s personnel management. They demanded a massive overhaul in personnel management system to prevent any further appointment failures. Former presidential office spokesman Yoon Chang-jung was embroiled in a sexual assault case during President Park`s visit to the U.S.

The president`s "detailed leadership" got 2.9, below an average score of 3. Experts say President Park should grant more autonomy to her aides and cabinet so that she can paint a broader picture. On the government`s response to North Korea`s series of provocation threats, 10 foreign policy and security experts gave a 3.8 score. The Korea-U.S. summit and response to Japanese right wing movements were also positively assessed, with an average 3.7 and 3.8, respectively.

Experts gave an average 2.6 for Park`s appointment of presidential office staff and 3.1 for foreign policy and security staff.

Twenty economic experts gave an average 3.2 for the so-called "Geunhye-nomics," a relatively lower score compared with foreign policy and security. Experts said supplementary budget plan was the most well-done policy among the new administration`s economic measures. However, they gave the lowest score for creative economy measures due to confusions that arose. Enhancing growth potential and creating quality and quantity jobs should be the new administration`s biggest focus, they said. President Park`s goal of reaching 70 percent in employment rate has many hurdles to overcome.