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Man Charged With Raping Much Younger Ex-Girlfriend

Posted December. 12, 2009 14:05,   


“If I tell my wife about our relationship, you’ll go to prison for adultery.”

A 24-year-old woman was caught in a bind when her 41-year-old ex-boyfriend made this threat against her. He has since been charged with raping her and violating the Victims Protection Act.

She said she met him at an Internet café in 2002 while a high school senior. When they met, he said he had never married and so they began dating a year later.

She found out in May last year that he was married, however. When she told him she wanted to break up, he threatened to tell her mother and other relatives of their relationship.

She kept asking him to break up, but he forced her to his home by threatening to tell her colleagues at work of their relationship, raping her three times in April this year. He even knocked her down and kicked her on the street, criticizing “her attempt to betray him.”

His intimidation tactics got worse. After raping her, he even took photos of her naked body and sent them to her mobile phone with the message, “I believe others will recognize you if they see these pictures. I have more than 30 pictures of you naked. Wouldn’t it be great if you became a star?”

She eventually pressed charges against him, but his cruelty did not stop. He broke into her house to show the photos to her mother.