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GNP Local Chapter Embroiled in Bribery Scandal

Posted October. 27, 2007 03:08,   


With regard to the allegations that a large amount of money and gifts were involved in the election of the chief of the Grand National Party`s South Jeolla Province chapter, the GNP stated on Friday that, if necessary, it will ask law enforcement authorities to investigate the case.

“At the beginning of investigation, ‘C’ confessed that he gave money and even received a receipt. However, he later denied it, saying it was a lie. However, we will continue our investigation as there is strong suspicion and circumstantial evidence. If the suspicions are confirmed to be true, we will impose a heavy penalty on him,” said Rev. Lim Myeong-jin, the chairman of the GNP’s ethics committee.

“While continuing our independent investigation, we will request judicial authorities to probe the case since both ‘C,’ who claimed that he gave money, and the chairmen of the GNP Party Members’ Consultative Meeting, who allegedly accepted money, changed their original statements, saying that they did not receive money,” said an official of the ethics committee.