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Smothering Tactics Against Legitimate Demands

Posted June. 09, 2007 08:17,   


The former leader of the Grand National Party (GNP) Park Geun-hye expressed her strong disagreement against the GNP’s decision to discipline representatives Kwak Seong-mun and Choi Kyeong-hwan. The two congressmen released allegations about leading candidate Lee Myung-bak’s assets and involvement in the asset-management company BBK. Park yet again showed dissatisfaction with party leadership, which had been dormant after the resolution of the party primary rule controversy.

She reportedly criticized GNP leadership for its harsh views on political activities concerning the party’s presidential candidates. According to Park, Kwak’s private comments were exaggerated by “pro-Lee” member Jeong Doo-eon. In addition, she argued, Choi reminded all of the issues that the press had already raised.

Speaking for Park, Rep. Yoo Seung-min fumed, “I don’t get it. It’s not fair. The leadership openly favors Lee. They smeared a legitimate demand for examination of the candidates as a political conspiracy. How are we expected to select a competitive candidate for our party?”

On a radio show, he added, “Our party has issued a gag order concerning the candidate verification process. It’s absurd. Everyone talks about it, including the citizens, the experts and the press. Why does leadership single us out?”

Concerning GNP leader Kang Jae-seop’s promise to deprive any wayward member of the party from the privilege of candidacy in next year’s election, Yoo snapped, “We’ve had enough blackmail from Rep. Jeong. Now, leadership is jumping on the bandwagon and also threatening us. It’s not fair.”

Park’s spokesperson Han Seon-gyo also fumed, “Supporters of candidate Lee have done lots of things. For example, Representative Lee Jae-oh raised a number of allegations, and the supporters have disparaged and criticized Park. The party leadership has been silent. The playing field is not level. We cannot bear it any longer.”

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