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Ideological Dispute between Ruling and Opposition Parties

Ideological Dispute between Ruling and Opposition Parties

Posted October. 19, 2005 06:09,   


The recent controversial directive that Justice Minister Chun Jung-bae issued over the investigation of Dongguk University professor Kang Jeong-koo is polarizing the ruling and opposition parties. Both sides are in a head-on ideological battle.

Grand National Party (GNP) chairwoman Park Geun-hye held an urgent press conference on October 18 and said that the ruling party’s actions to save Kang is a threat to the national system and that the party is trying to “please the North Korean government.” She requested that the government should clearly state its view.

In particular, GNP announced an all-out struggle to “save the country,” which may grow into a dispute on conservative reform of the society between the ruling and opposition parties.

Rep. Park said, “The country’s national identity and liberal democratic system are shaking in the heart of the administration. The GNP will focus on gathering the strength of the people and take the lead in saving the principle of the national system.”

She added, “Minister Chun’s directive was a move to neutralize the prosecution which exercises the law under the intention to scrap the National Security Law and remove the roadblock. We request that the government clearly state its view on Kang’s pro-North Korea remarks, whether it agrees with them or not.”

In response, Uri Party chairman Moon Hee-sang held a press conference and retorted that the opposition party’s ideological dispute is bringing back the Cold War mentality.

Rep. Moon fired back saying, “This rally is an irresponsible act which is leading the way in breaking up the constitutional order and human rights. The GNP’s announcement of an outside struggle means that it has clearly mentioned itself to be a party which is disruptive and destroys the constitutional order.” He proposed a TV debate to Rep. Park.

In response to the matter, Cheong Wa Dae also made quite an exceptional statement. Spokesman Kim Man-soo said, “It feels like the specter of the Yushin dictatorship is walking about the center of 21st century South Korea.”