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Six Companies Picked as DMB Operators

Posted March. 29, 2005 09:23,   


The Korean Broadcasting Commission (KBC) selected MBC, KBS, SBS, YTN DMB, KMMB, and Korean DMB-CBS as the DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) operators.

Among the terrestrial DMB (T-DMB) candidates, MBC had the best evaluation with 855.40 points out of a total of 1,000, while SBS scored 846.20 and KBS 830.42. EBS ranked fourth with 825.25 points and failed to qualify.

In the non-terrestrial DMB candidates group, YTN DMB had the best score with 773.35 points, KMMB received 709.36, and Korean DMB had 702.49. UCubeMedia, DMB Korea, and DMB Plus failed to be selected.

Lee Hyo-sung, deputy chairman of KBC said, "The selected companies will hand in various documents, which include memorandum for joint use of transmission network, broadcasting development fund payment, fulfilling initial business plan, and then the letters of recommending permission will be distributed. The selected companies will be recommended for broadcasting operation and will be permitted to use radio frequency from the Ministry of Information and Communication until April.”

T-DMB companies will offer service from mid-May, and non T-DMB companies will start broadcasting in the second half of this year.

Regarding the re-broadcast of T-DMB, Lee said that KBC will decide early next month.

Regarding the redistribution of terrestrial TV through satellite DMB, Lee added, "The committee will reach an agreement early next month."

DMB is the next generation broadcasting service, using high-quality TV or radio signal through specialized terminals, and consists of satellite DMB, which use satellites, and terrestrial DMB, which uses terrestrial transmitting stations.

Jung-Bo Suh suhchoi@donga.com