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Low Posture Again to North`s Fret?"

Posted August. 28, 2003 15:07,   


Legal step taken against North Korean Persons

A member of the conservative organization ‘Civil Group to Recover Sovereignty’ Mr. Jang Hyeong-ryeol (34) sued North Korean reporter Kim and the head of the North Korean Team Mr. Jeon Geuk-man for bodily harm and threatening behavior. In addition, he is suing Lee Byeong-jin Daegu district Police Agency director for neglect of duty.

Mr. Jang clarified the reason saying, “I was assaulted by North Korean reporters near U-competition Stadium at the press conference held in Daegu on the 24th, and Director Jeon did not arrest those flagrant offenders on the spot.”

He also emphasized that North Koreans are also subject to punishment if they commit an offense in South Korea. One source from the prosecution said in relation with this incident, “We will have to examine carefully if the protection guarantee memorandum for the North Korean National Team agreed upon between the two Koreas can be applied to this case.”

Additionally, Jungang University professor Jae Seong-ho said, “The North Koreans are denying the features of our society where freedom of expression is esteemed and asking for respect upon them only. However, the government is consistently assuming a low posture.” He also said that a result contrary to reconciliation between the 2 Koreas will be realized if we are not able to say what we want, or we keep down the freedom.