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‘Forgery and agitation is how communism survives,’ Yoon says

‘Forgery and agitation is how communism survives,’ Yoon says

Posted August. 30, 2023 08:33,   

Updated August. 30, 2023 08:33


On Tuesday, President Yoon Suk Yeol said, "In the reality that South Korea is at war with North Korea, communist totalitarian forces, their blind followers, and opportunistic followers are engaging in psychological warfare to disrupt free society through false fabrication and propaganda." Such remarks are President Yoon's statements of criticism aimed at the opposition and some civil society - he is emphasizing the clear ideology he values most every day by saying, “Ideology is the most important” at the People’s Power Party banquet after strongly criticizing the “communist totalitarian forces” in his National Liberation Day congratulatory address on Aug. 15.

“This is the way communist totalitarianism survives,” said President Yoon at a unification meeting with executive members of the 21st Democratic and Peaceful Unification Advisory Council held on the same day. “This is because it is difficult for communist totalitarianism based on fraudulent ideology to survive should a neighboring free democratic country advance. In this reality, your role is more important than ever to defend liberal democracy, grow into a global powerhouse, and develop our unification capabilities.”

President Yoon also repeatedly highlighted the achievements of the Korea-US-Japan summit held at Camp David, the U.S. presidential villa, on Aug. 18 (local time). President Yoon said, “The joint statement of the three countries (Principle and Spirit of Camp David) clearly states that the United States and Japan support unification based on liberal democracy, as well. It is the first time in history that the trilateral joint declaration mentioned and expressed support for the ROK’s unification based on free democracy.”

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