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An unidentified elderly donates 100 million won for the poor

An unidentified elderly donates 100 million won for the poor

Posted October. 20, 2022 07:55,   

Updated October. 20, 2022 07:55


A nameless senior gentleman willingly donated 100 million won of cash for the poor neighbors, deeply touching many people.

According to Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province on Wednesday, a man came by Hwagae Town Office and gave an officer a donation receipt and memo. An amount of 100 million won was printed on the receipt. The surprised officer tried to offer him tea, but the gentleman declined. He hastily left, saying he could not disclose his name, job, or address.

The memo he left with the receipt said, “Please use the donation money under the name of Indong Welfare Fund for improving the welfare of the elderly poor eligible for Hwagae social welfare benefit, the disabled, those with disease and children” and was signed off by a nameless person.

The gentleman did not seem to be from Hwagae Town, but because he donated specifying for Hwagae residents, he must be somewhat related,” the officer said. “The nameless philanthropist’s donation will vitalize the heartless world,” said Lee Jae-man, the leader of Hwagae Town. “The money shall be carefully spent on the suffering neighbors under the donator’s intention.”