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Figure skater Kim Chae-yeon wins silver at Junior Grand Prix

Figure skater Kim Chae-yeon wins silver at Junior Grand Prix

Posted October. 17, 2022 07:35,   

Updated October. 17, 2022 07:35


Korean female single-figure skater Kim Chae-yeon (16, Suri High school, photo) won a silver medal in the 7th 2022 ~2023 ISU Junior Grand Prix and successfully made her way to the Grand Prix finals. Korea won the biggest number of four Grand Prix final qualifications, including one from ice dancing. Korea made it to the Grand Prix final in ice dancing for the first time in history.

On Sunday, Kim Chae-yeon recorded 133.65 points from the 7th Women Single Free Skating in Egna, Italy. Her total score of 203.94 points, adding the 70.29 points from the short program, ranks her in 2nd place after Yoshida Hana from Japan (208.31 points).

The Korean skater Kim Chae-yeon, who won a bronze medal in the 5th event, secured 24 Junior Grand Prix points. Among all the women single skaters, she is positioned 5th in the ranking and is qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final scheduled for December in Torino, Italy. In Junior Grand Prix, skaters may qualify for the top two competitions. In the competition, points are given according to the ranking: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will receive 15, 13, and 11 points, respectively. The skater is qualified for Grand Prix Final if ranked within the top 6th and above with the total score.

Three Korean skaters, including Kim Chae-yeon from women single, made it to Grand Prix Final. Kwon Min-sol got qualified 6th in the ranking for the Final by winning silver and bronze from the 2nd and 6th events, respectively. Shin Ji-a also got qualified with a 2nd ranking by winning gold in the 3rd event and silver in the 6th event.

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