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The forgiveness of the sea

Posted September. 17, 2022 07:22,   

Updated September. 17, 2022 07:22


Typhoons left scars on people’s homes, and holidays left scars on people’s hearts. Even though you haven’t seen them for ages, seeing your cousins is not always pleasing. You hate some, and some are uncomfortable for you. If there aren’t any of your cousins who make you uncomfortable to the extent you don’t want to say goodbye, you are blessed.

Don’t be too sad when you take holiday gifts, but come back with only resentment. There is still something we can do about it. It is forgiving the person who received my care but didn’t reciprocate. It is making up for the person who disrespected my time and energy. However, this isn’t easy.

It requires two to be hurt, but forgiveness is entirely up to you. Scars are left coincidently, but you must work hard to forgive someone. That’s what makes forgiveness so hard. Therefore, it’s good to get some help from poems. This poet had to borrow the power of the sea to forgive. He shakes hatred off in front of the sea, crying. He wants to throw his unwanted feelings to the sea.

Forgiving is not beautiful as you might think. It’s painful and desperate. But you can’t avoid it as your life is too precious to let the hatred rot in your heart.