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Internal divide at ruling party

Posted August. 08, 2022 07:54,   

Updated August. 08, 2022 07:54


The People Power Party has announced the party's situation as an emergency situation and launched a nationwide committee meeting today to officially launch an Emergency Response Committee. The ruling party is considering to revise its party constitution to expand the appointing authority of the head of the Emergency Response Committee to 'head of committee and acting party leader’ and appoint the head of the committee. The party is virtually removing its incumbent leader Lee Joon-seok, who applied for injunction with the court.

It is abnormal for a ruling party that has won presidential and local elections to face such internal divide. The party has done nothing to support the new administration’s operation in midst of a global recession of challenges, which is comparable to the Asian financial crisis and the financial crisis. It has been too preoccupied with political interests fighting over nomination rights for the general election that is less than two years away. The party is partly responsible for President Yoon Suk-yeol’s support rate, which has dropped to 20 percent range.

Lee views the party's situation as President Yoon and aides' conspiracy to remove himself. The penalty of suspending the leader's duties on grounds of violating duty to maintaining dignity was disputable. President Yoon's words of ‘party leader shooting its own party’ were inappropriate, but Lee's extreme expressions, sarcasm and criticism have contributed to internal disputes. In other words, Lee has to blame for his own wrongdoings to driving the current situation where he is no longer fit for leadership.

The public will turn its back even further if President Yoon's aides express glee over Lee's removal. Replacement of the Emergency Committee leader should not lead to party domination by Yoon's close aides. The party should be aware that it would not be welcomed by the public or other party members if President Yoon's aides take over party power.

President Yoon's aides should give up their titles and stay humble while carrying out their duties. Lawmaker Jang Je-won, involved in the appointment of key positions, should be held accountable for failures. Floor Leader Kwon Seong-dong has also damaged the party's leadership by making derogatory remarks about lower rank public officials. The emergency situation of the party would not be resolved by setting up an emergency committee alone, key members should take responsibility for the situation. Founding an Emergency Committee influenced by these members should only result in further criticism, driving suspicions about the ulterior motive behind the foundation.