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Sohn Hak-gyu announces fourth candidacy for president

Posted November. 30, 2021 07:28,   

Updated November. 30, 2021 07:28


Sohn Hak-gyu, former leader of the Bareun Mirae Party, announced run for president on Monday, claiming that he would bring down the imperial powers of the president. “I will dismiss all the ridicule and criticism about my candidacy,” Son said as he prepares for his fourth time candidacy for president.

“I will aim for constitutional amendment to bring down the outdated system of 87 years and open the era for the seventh republic. I will demolish the presidential system and pave the way for a parliamentary led coalition politics,” said Sohn at a café in Yeouido where he formally announced his candidacy for president. “All the candidates running for the upcoming election have failed to set forward a vision to lead the country and spend time blaming each other. Though I may not have money, organizational support, eye-catching pledges, and I may not have the highest chance of being elected, the outcome is in Heaven’s will and I wish to bring attention to political reform.”

“In Korea, the system is set up so that the president has all the power, and the ministers do what they are told to do,” Son said. “We need to scrap the presidential system or at least spread out the power so that president oversees national security and military affairs while the prime minister looks after domestic affairs.I would prefer the parliamentary system, or the German democratic system led by the prime minister, but how to implement this should be further discussed.”

Kwan-Seok Jang jks@donga.com