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Yoon: ‘Moon adm. destroyed jobs, caused housing market disaster’

Yoon: ‘Moon adm. destroyed jobs, caused housing market disaster’

Posted November. 22, 2021 07:21,   

Updated November. 22, 2021 07:21


Yoon Seok-yul, main opposition People’s Power Party’s presidential candidate, said Sunday, “The Moon Jae-in administration is a government destroying jobs rather than creating jobs.” He also blasted the Moon administration’s real estate policy on Saturday, saying, “The administration caused a housing market disaster.” Yoon focused his campaign on suggesting messages on his policy by blasting the incumbent administration for jobs and real estate policy’ throughout the weekend.

“The government injected massive amounts of taxpayers’ money and increased fake jobs by only paying attention to immediate statistical numbers,” Yoon said as he commented on the incumbent administration’s job policy in a Facebook post. “If I become the President, I will proactively support companies that create jobs. I will also provide proactive, robust support to youth who are launching startups.”

“The problem is the quality of jobs has significantly deteriorated. The number of people employed full time, which can be considered quality jobs, declined 4.44 million during a one-year period.,” Yoon said. “This is the genuine reality of the Moon administration, which has made up fake job numbers and constantly praised itself. I wish to ask the administration what on earth it did and how such disastrous results have come out despite pumping in astronomical amounts of taxpayers’ money.”

Yoon also criticized the Moon administration’s real estate policy on Saturday, saying in a Facebook post, “A full one-year has passed since the jeonse (rental home through lumpsum key deposit) policy was put in place, but a housing market disaster has occurred, rather than housing situation has improved for working and middle-class people. It is a man-made disaster caused by the Moon administration’s arrogance and self-righteousness.”

“If I become the president, I will normalize the private-sector rental home market,” he said. “I will ease toughened loan restrictions and instead provide generous financial assistance to newlyweds and youth groups.”

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