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Every year cicadas die off after practicing so hard

Posted October. 09, 2021 07:16,   

Updated October. 09, 2021 07:16


Cicadas could not have imagined in their wildest dreams but they have often become the protagonist in poetry. They never would have wanted it, but many poets loved cicadas. It was not because they were pretty. From so long ago, cicadas have been a symbol of reincarnation or a symbol of incorrupt government employees. Some say the sound of cicadas is so refreshing that it makes them feel less hot in summer while others say it is like someone chanting in agony. Few thought that cicadas are born relaxed and enjoy their life. Conversely, cicadas drew attention because they wait so long to live a short life. They were loved because they chirp desperately all their life.

Cicadas make a high-pitched buzzing sound as if they chirp because life is bitter. When the sound of cicadas starts to disappear, crickets emerge. It is this time of the year. When late cicadas are almost gone, crickets start to chirp in the early evening. This is the time between cicadas and crickets, so to speak. This is the time of the year when this long-titled poem by Yoon Je-rim comes to mind.

This is actually a scary poem because the landlord asks the tenant to move out immediately. Anyone in such situation would feel their heart sink. Those being evicted could not even ask for some time. They just had to leave crying. You cannot help but feel sad about the story of these cicadas. Furthermore, we all know intuitively that this story not only applies to cicadas.