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Power of ordinary days

Posted January. 25, 2021 07:27,   

Updated January. 25, 2021 07:27


It is not an embarrassing thing that you have high expectations of yourself. However, too high a sense of pride comes with agony and sufferings. The higher goal you set, the harder you find it to reach the summit. It automatically translates into a high chance that you will never be satisfied with your life.

When my first book "Ordinary Existence,” which talks about the lives of ordinary people, some readers expressed their objection to its topic. Saying that not only they but also everyone else is special, they did not like the title of my book nor agree with the content. It was interesting for me to discover that I find nothing special about those who claim that they are too special. Ironically, those who were especially unique had no objection to the idea that life may not be as special as we think and did not put high value on who they are. Which begs the question: What lesson can we learn from the irony that those special do not care about being special while ordinary folks are afraid to be ordinary?

"Pig Dreams” may give an answer to this question as it describes characters that have qualities of these two groups of people. This book tells us about people hoped their life to be a gift for them but came to compromise with the reality that their life is under par and started accepting who they are. The author says that we can lead a life day after day thanks to the power that comes from all the disappointments and frustrations that bring us to our knees. That may be why it is sad that life has a turnaround. Once you realize that life is not so special for everyone, all such mundane and ordinary moments of life come across as a special blessing. The author's narrative in the stories may give great consolations to those who are struggling to get by even now.