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Actor Kim Kwang-kyu says ‘Jae-seok, stop runaway housing prices’

Actor Kim Kwang-kyu says ‘Jae-seok, stop runaway housing prices’

Posted December. 21, 2020 07:23,   

Updated December. 21, 2020 07:23


Actor Kim Kwang-kyu (53) mentioned housing price when making remarks of appreciation in a television entertainment awards ceremony, drawing attention from the public.

Kim won the second prize in the reality show category at the 2020 SBS Entertainers Awards ceremony, which took place at SBS Prizm Tower in Seoul’s Mapo district Saturday afternoon. Taking the podium, Kim said, “I express my gratitude to viewers across the nation and overseas who have been watching ‘Flaming Youth’ late at night.” After thanking the production crew and his own family as well, Kim concluded his remarks, saying, “We are living in a difficult time. Lastly, I want to say, Brother Jae-seok, please stop runaway apartment prices.” Pointing his finger at himself, Yoo apparently looked as if dumbfounded and perplexed. In reality, Kim is four years older than Yoo.

Kim fretted about difficulties of paying monthly rent once while making appearance in MBC TV’s “I Live Alone” reality show in October. “A realtor told me to buy a house, but I heard and trusted news that home prices would decline and have been waiting. Then, a home that would cost 600 million won (about 546,000 U.S. dollars) jumped to 1.3 billion won (about 1.18 million dollars), and I feel even more pain now than when I was cheated by a con-artist and lost my lump-sum deposit money for jeonse rental home.”

He further said, “Singer Yook Joong-wan bought a home at the time and became rich, and I am burning my hard-earned money to pay monthly rent.”

Kim also made a post on December 8 on Instagram, reading, “’I should have bought’ is another name of an apartment unit.”

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