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Kim Yo Jong‘s lowly remarks

Posted March. 05, 2020 08:24,   

Updated March. 05, 2020 08:24


Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, denounced the South Korean government Tuesday evening by saying that it was "appalled at the Blue House's idiotic thinking.” The remarks came in response to the South Korean presidential office’s expression‎ of regret on North Korea's weapons test of large-caliber rockets, calling South Korea "presumptuous, arrogant and perfectly idiotic." Cheong Wa Dae said Wednesday that it had "nothing to say" and South Korea's Unification Ministry simply said that "both sides should respect each other and work together."

North Korea's actions to use Kim Yo Jong, who it had previously promoted as “messenger for peace,” to blame South Korea can be seen as plans to increase its level of attack and provocation. Prior to North Korea's testing, President Moon Jae-in had proposed cooperation in areas of public health while the Ministry of Unification put forth plans to promote individual travel to the North. In spite of such efforts, South Korea has been humiliated by North Korea's actions. The statement commended that "it was a relief that the president had not directly made the statement himself,” asking for a more submissive attitude and to break away from U.S. collaboration.

However, some say that such blatant remarks to the South reflect Kim Jong Un’s situation being driven to a corner, exposing the lowest of the key powers. In any country, regime or court, the depraved and internal side is kept hidden, particularly so under Kim's regime. No matter how outrageous it has been in the past, using its "princess" to dump blatant remarks is a reflection of how desperate the regime is.

Recently North Korea also publicly dismissed Ri Man Gun, one of the key members of the political leadership. If Kim Yo Jong is to fill in his position, North Korea will become a regime headed by brother and sister. Though it strives to survive on its own, North Korea is destined to famine if it does not give up its nuclear weapons. Without the support of the public, it would be difficult to retain its regime. Kim Yo Jong remarked that "A frightened dog barks louder, just like you-know-who," but we all know who that is. Who else would it be, aside from Kim Jong Un?