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Facebook: ‘Kimchi will become global mainstream in 2020’

Facebook: ‘Kimchi will become global mainstream in 2020’

Posted December. 14, 2019 07:40,   

Updated December. 14, 2019 07:40


Facebook has predicted kimchi will be become mainstream, CNN reported on Thursday. Facebook singled out on the day “flexitarians,” “the milk bath” and “backward movement” as trends that will be in vogue next year. This is suggested in Facebook’s 2020 Topics & Trends Report, which presents an outlook based on posts uploaded by Facebook users in 13 countries worldwide.

Kimchi appears in the Australian chapter of this year’s report, which gives analysis by country. “Australia is a trendsetter of health worldwide, and many Australians are searching for fermented foods such as kimchi or kefir, fermented liquor made of milk from sheep or mountain goats,” the report said. “The US adopted avocado toast from the Aussies, so maybe the American masses will follow Australia’s lead again. Kimchi, stalwart of Korean fare,’ has already cross over into the U.S.”

The report also predicted as new trends “flexitarianism,” in which people eat mostly fruits and veggies due to concern over environmental pollution caused by animal breeding but sometimes eat meat, “the milk bath” that has gained popularity due to celebrities enjoying the practice, and “backward movement” towards the 1980s among Millennials. Last year’s Facebook report, which was based on its survey of American users, cited “zero waste economy,” mystery thriller movies, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), and soul foods as trends that would become mainstream this year. .

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